F & A Services

Internal Audit and Risk Advisory

Internal audit is the after work of internal control in an organization. Internal control is a process by which management build structures in an organization to provide assurance that an entity operates effectively and efficiently, has a reliable financial reporting system and complies with applicable laws and regulations.

Under this function, we would advise you on how to leverage on your business transaction by-

  • By minimizing occurrence of unintentional errors or intentional fraud that may harm the plan. Preventive controls, which are designed to discourage errors or fraud, help accomplish this objective.
  • By discovering small errors before they become big problems. Detective controls are designed to identify an error or fraud after it has occurred.
1. Loans And Funding

We do arrange for syndication of funds from the PSU’s, NBFC’s, Financial Institutions and also can arrange for private equity through our experts.

2. Subsidy And Grants

We have a facility of getting subsidy from the government for the eligible projects.

3. Labor Law Compliances

Every industry is required to adhere to the labour law compliances like PF, ESIC, PT, etc for its employees. At Oditorz, companies can avail this service through our experts and be compliant to labour laws.

4.Tax Planning Advisory

We help you to minimize your taxes by analyzing your salary structure, last year computation and expected income, minimized tax will increase your net cash inflow.

5. Credit Rating

In today’s era of expansion and development, every company/individual requires funding from banks or financial institutions. To get the funding, credit rating of an individual/ company needs to be such that lender feels it secure to lend.

6. Packages: –

We help you guide on the requirement of service depending on the nature of business. Request a call from our expert for the guidance. Accordingly suitable plans will be shared with you.